Rocking it short!!!!

Me and Moon Rocking Twists

I am loving my short hair. It is so fun and free and fun and free…lol.

I have cut my hair to mere inches before but never wore it for very long, normally I braid it days after and continue braiding it until it grows to a descent length, which normally when it can be in a pony tail.

This time around I decided I am gonna do it short and rock some colours, (blog on my hair colours will come later)

The first night a chopped my hair I felt the breeze on my neck back and trust me I felt literal chills. Omar had said the baby would cry and not know me, but home girl loves boobie milk to much to make a strange ball headed woman deter her from her dinner -_-.

Anywho, I sat and looked in the mirror for about an hour trying to re-adjust my eyes to my new face. and digging up in my head all my passed natural hair styles. The potential is endless and I instantly became excited about having natural hair again.

Don’t get me wrong I loved loved my locs, and I rocked it Loc for 5 years plus, but I wanted a change and wanted my daughter not to have the whole “your mada a rasta” to explain, like I had to with my dad, love ma dad but hated having to always explain why he had locs and I didn’t and blah blah blah.

As I was saying, I wore my hair like that for 5 years and I was due for a change, and since I wont be going environmentally hazardous (straighten my hair) I said Natural “Hair” I come.

So...what yah think

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