Starting to feel Like a Mommy

As a parent I have found that my stress level has increase and my calming techniques has also done the same. So that kinda means that things has remained the same right? *side ways look*  …. I went to church last weekend…yes I do go to church. On every weekend that I get off. ……Any who when I left from church I realize that Moon had a slight fever, she was kinda fussy and clingy so I just assumed it was the heat from the day. Cuz BOI Tola HAWT!

Needless to say at around nine that night Moon’s temp went up to 102.3, I went into panic mode instantly and frighteningly enough I was dead calm, I didn’t wake Omar, I took her out of her crib took her clothes off, went to the kitchen for some ice water and some ice, grabbed a bowl, a rag and proceeded to wipe her forehead and body with the water. After about 10 minutes her skin started to feel cool and I could hear her breathing get more relaxed. I gave her some fever reducer and put her between Omar and me just to ensure I could get to her quickly if anything else occurred.

I spent the rest of the night with a bowl of water and rag by my bed to ensure that I kept her fever down. I started to run through my head where did we go, what did we do, who did she touched, what did she touch , what did she eat, what did she put in her mouth and on and on and on.

In the morning Moon got up and she still had a fever but she was alert, active and mischievious as usual. I felt better but was a little concerned. Of course I am a new age mom soooo instead of calling the doctor….. I headed to ‘Google’.  DWL……Never do that when your panicking you will be scared shitless…After reseaching and  talking with other moms we decided that she had a fever because she was teething.

My new strategy, no more fever reducer more fluids and ice to cool her gums. I dont really like the teething gels and such so none of those either. Omar took a day off and stayed with her to monitor her fever. Moon is trooper she never complained about the ice cold showers, the ice been shoved into her mouth or being kept out of her clothes and only in her diapers. She seems to be enjoying it, to the point she starts fighting when you try to dress her and dips her hand into our cups for ice lololol.

Sickness with any baby makes anybody a little antsy, they cant speak as well or explain in full details where hurts, but I felt so proud when I figured out what was wrong and stayed focus………. hmmm starting to feel like a Mommy now…tehehe

I have it down to a science -ish, I wake a 5am, take note 5am never had that number on my clock before now, get up take care of me, then I start with Lil  Moon, who gets up really cranky if you wake her, she’s  fed, bathe and dressed and put to play. I start doing her stuff for the daycare and TRY to leave by 7:30am to drop her at the sitter and then get to work by 8am *roll eye* 8:15 ish.

After work she gets picked up by about 5:30pm. When we get home impatient daughter of mine wants something to eat ASAP, like yesterday, after that she gets a mini bath, watches her little musical thingy and then Daddy come home to play horsey and hopefully by 8 ish she gets put to bed, or she puts us to bed.

Now she starts crawling I realize I am spend more time picking her up and putting her in the oposite direction, she likes bags AND shoes (thats ma girl) and for some strange reasons, her fathers dutty boot, which I now insist stays OUTSIDE. She use to like licking the tiles but she is over that now, *thank you Jesus*.

Its been 7 and a half months and my life has done a 180, yep not as complete turn around, its going in the opposite direction. lol. I started a new position and the hours are a little better but the demands has increase tenfolds, but life goes on and so do we. My little spit fire keeps us on our toes, Ms Diva.

So yes people I am starting to feel like and look like a mommy. I highly recommend it!

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