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10 Bad Experiences To Expect on your Natural Hair Journey

Just like every other aspect of your life when you decide to make a change you have a plethora of people telling what to do and what not do. Once you start wearing your natural hair people with and without natural here will start to give “sound” advice. I can tell you that I have heard some crazy things and I have done some crazy things. Now don’t judge me everything is a learning experience and here are a few of my worst experiences with having natural hair.

10. Cutting My Own Hair

Okay so that does not sound so bad, yeah you should have seen the catastrophe. Let’s just say I had a seesaw effect kind of thing going on with my hair for a couple of months. I looked like a kid illustration drawing of myself.

9. Colouring My Hair For The First Time

Now I am an expert I can say my first experience was HORRIBLE. I mean red hair colour was everywhere but my hair, my clothes, towel, floor, walls augh. Hubby laughed so hard he said it looked like a crime scene in the bathroom, he actually put on gloves saying he was looking for the body and searching for evidence of the crime and he didn’t want to tamper with the scene.  Yea you get better at this over time.

8. Wash N Go

Let me be clear. A Wad N’ Go on my hair texture is a MYTH. Not happening. It is a complete fail. It was dry and kinda grey looking, and what’s worse I kept trying to perfect this myth. Needless to say, I have learnt and have given up on this mythical tail.


7. Flat Twist or Bantu Knot Out

Okay so it’s kinda sounding now like I can’t style my hair, but let me explain! My hair is thick, coarse and takes forever to dry and first I thought that that was the reason the styles failed, but then  I realise that was not the case. When I took down the twist it always just looks like a rake, the ends were all knotted, never conform…. our looks even remotely presentable. Away with that, I said, twist outs only.


6. From Blonde to Green

Yes, you read it correctly, can you imagine me trying to explain to my boss after a weekend in my girlfriends Tracy’s pool, why my hair was now the colour of gangrene; well needless to say he didn’t buy it. Blonde hair is very sensitive and I found that out the hard way, I should say even certain hair gels and hair products will turn your hair an ugly colour of green once it’s blonde. So be careful what you but in your hair when its bleached blond and you will have to use a shampoo at times, for those co-wash naturalistas like me.

5. Rubber Bands

They are the devil with many tiny hands that love your hair strands so much they don’t want to let go. I have lost many of hair strands and patches directly from the follicle because of these tiny creatures. BE WARNED! I no longer use these tiny monsters.

4. Shampoos

Oh yes, I hate them all. I use such a strong word as hate, as it takes the point across effectively. I have tried them all and they all do the same thing, leave my hair dry, coarse and tangled. From sulphate free to cheap bargain brands they just do not do what I want them to, so I don’t use them more than probably twice a year, as a matter of effectiveness. Shampoos I have found to be useful when I want to wash the colour out of my hair, and I colour twice per year, Blond in the summer and red in the cooler months.  I also use shampoo diluted with water when I have a severe build up of hair gel, which I used daily sometimes 2-3 times and when my skin breaks out and I think there are too many oils in my hair.

3. Split Ends

I perpetually have these because I detest the energy it takes to do any kind of protective styling, long term or short term, to protect the ends of my hair. I constantly have my hair in “out styles” and as a result, my ends are always dry and in need of moisture and that’s an epic environment for split ends. The most horrible thing with having split ends is that detangling is a pain, your ends are never smooth enough for styles, and it leaves your hair kind of dry looking and trashy.


2. Egg Protein Treatment

Let’s just say I used HOT water with the raw eggs while it was still in my hair and to cold water and I was picking out scrambled eggs out of my hair for weeks. And the smell, oh wow the smell was terrible!


1. People

Yes one word, P.E.O.P.L.E. Why are they always touching my hair or wanting to touch my hair. They rarely ask and then when you say NO they make rude comments about it being a wig or touch it anyway. I have people pull my hair, smell it, swat it, squeeze it, twirl it around their fingers, yank at it painfully and the worse thing I think they do is when they actually touch it they then rub their fingers together, turn their nose up, smell their fingers and ask, “what is that…its sticky!!?” I respond by saying,  “it probably snot….you want to taste it!”


I must truly admit it took me two days to make this list as I really don’t consider those things as being so bad, in life, there is always the downside to the coin and like Forest Gump said,”

“My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

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