Hair Porosity

Determining Hair Porosity

In the naturally curly world, hair porosity simply refers to the hair’s ability to absorb moisture. Depending on the condition of your hair, your cuticle layers could be very open allowing a lot of moisture to enter.

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Natural Hair Products – Jamaica 

Recently we at Bawn Natural have noticed the increase of natural hair products in department stores in the United States but most noticeable are the vast increase in availability in local hair shops in Jamaica, island wide. Continue reading “Natural Hair Products – Jamaica “


The best things about being a Natural Hair diva

Having your hair in its naturals state without any chemical is now being called a Natural Hair Movement. More and More women across the globe are becoming more aware of their own sense of beauty and are defining and expressing themselves through their hair.

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A Break with Cafe Blue

There a few places I love to go, just to sit, relax and just write. Cafe Blue tops that list they serve awesome Latte, free WIFI and to-die-for pastries. Most Christmas, they also have Egg Nog with and without alcohol that has been the main reason I gained 20 lbs for the Festive seasons *Palm to face*

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7 Looks You can Rock in 10 Minutes | 4c Natural Hair


Wide teeth Comb. Gel. Hair Brush. Shea Butter, Hair pins and Hair ties or a knee high stockings

I get asked these questions so many times.

How does my hair look like…..?

What products do you use in your hair?

What is your go to hair style?

I figure one post could answer these questions in its entirety. Fortunately for me, I have most times lived in the Caribbean, where humidity is my close personal friend. Living in a perpetual Summer cycle, there are few hair styles that I just love and always do. Please note, I have very course thick hair, which the Natural Hair community labels as 4C. I do have a mixture of B & C but my C portions is who needs the love and care the most.

You will Need for all these styles

  • Wide teeth Comb

  • Hair Gel

  • Hair Pins

  • Hair Brush

  • Shea Butter

  • Spray Bottle With water

  • Knee High stockings or whatever you use to tie your hair back

  • Tooth brush for those edges

Most of these looks can be obtained effectively on an old twist-out, braid out or Bantu Knot out

Look 1:

  1. Spray hair with Conditioning Spray or water

  2. Use Gel to slick hair to the side and brush

  3. Swoop your hair to the side ….. then

  4. Pin and fluff hair to form this look


Look 2:

Super High Buns are so in for the season, it keeps you cool, sleek and trendy. This will be difficult to do with very thick hair if there isn’t some stretching done to your hair. I used a blow dryer on low heat, to get my hair as straight as possible and use a Donut Hair Bun Ring 


Look 3:

  1. On a failed Braid Out or old twist out I sprayed my hair with my conditioner solution in an upwards motion

  2. Use Gel to slick back your hair and edges

  3. A knee high stockings /hair tie/ catching device is used to pull hair up towards the top of your head.

  4. Fluff hair around stocking to hide it

  5. Use Shea Butter or Shea Butter Mix to moisturise ends.

IMG_8545 IMG_8485 

Look 4:

  1. Do steps 1-3 in Look 3

  2. Spray the ends of your hair with conditioning solution and use wide teeth comb to comb as much of the hair that is left out as possible.

  3. Catch the end of  the combed out hair into a loose short ponytail with a rubber band, it will look like a balloon on top of your head

  4.  Use your finger to push the middle of your balloon into your scalp and pin to secure

  5. The stocking will show, use a small piece of hair to wrap and hide the stockings


Look 5:

  1. On blown out or stretched hair, Use a TINY BIT of Shea Butter Mix and Gel to make 8- 10 Large Braids in hair, (4-5 on each side) Ensure not to saturate hair with product, if your hair is soaking wet your hair will shrink and it wont take 10 mins to do this style

  2. Using the tension method, Blow dry each braid until dried

  3. Loosen Braids

  4. Fluff hair with wide teeth comb to shape around face

With 4c or thicker condensed hair this look is not very easy to achieve without have some stretch and length to you hair

IMG_8196 Look 6:

  1. Part the desired amount of front leave out and braid to keep out of  the rest of hair

  2. Use Gel, Shea Butter and spray bottle to catch the back of hair into a High Puff.

  3. Loosen the hair at the front

  4. Use Shea butter, gel and spray bottle solution to saturate hair and enhance curls, other products to enhance curls can be used (you may also do a couple twist and leave in until you’re ready to leave the house)

IMG_6702 Look 7:

  1. On Old Twist/Braid/Bantu Knot Our Brush hair up into one

  2. Use knee high stocking to secure

  3. Use wide teeth comb to pull the hair to the front of your hair in the shape of a Pompadour

  4. Use Shea Butter mix and water to control frizz, Gel is optional here, the look should be a bit messyIMG_6789

6 Easy Summer Hairdos | Kinky Hair 

Being Natural can be a little difficult with your busy schedules and the search for the ultimate product and regimen. Here are a few easy breezy hairstyles that you can do on your Type 4 Kinky Hair.

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