Kickers and Plaid

It is as hawt as a chicken heat…. or an elephant hide…. you know what I mean it’s HOT gosh darn it. Linen is really cool and its a lot cooler when it’s a teenie shorts.

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Marriage Dating Tips

Every parent has a mountain of to-do list and those lists have their own list; there is also having to make time to for a social life and dating. Continue reading “Marriage Dating Tips”


Hair Porosity

Determining Hair Porosity

In the naturally curly world, hair porosity simply refers to the hair’s ability to absorb moisture. Depending on the condition of your hair, your cuticle layers could be very open allowing a lot of moisture to enter.

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Natural Hair Products – Jamaica 

Recently we at Bawn Natural have noticed the increase of natural hair products in department stores in the United States but most noticeable are the vast increase in availability in local hair shops in Jamaica, island wide. Continue reading “Natural Hair Products – Jamaica “


The best things about being a Natural Hair diva

Having your hair in its naturals state without any chemical is now being called a Natural Hair Movement. More and More women across the globe are becoming more aware of their own sense of beauty and are defining and expressing themselves through their hair.

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How to Wear a​ Maxi Skirt with Belly Fat

Maxi skirts rock! That is it…no matter what else I write, that is the takeaway, they rock on everybody, on every body type and on every girl.
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#WTGW Where To Get What – The Makeup Edition

I am super excited about whats going on in the makeup industry. I look forward every day to see what new products will pop up in my IG Feed and Story. I think I follow every major brand and I make a list of what products I want to try next. Continue reading “#WTGW Where To Get What – The Makeup Edition”