Kickers and Plaid

It is as hawt as a chicken heat…. or an elephant hide…. you know what I mean it’s HOT gosh darn it. Linen is really cool and its a lot cooler when it’s a teenie shorts.

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The best things about being a Natural Hair diva

Having your hair in its naturals state without any chemical is now being called a Natural Hair Movement. More and More women across the globe are becoming more aware of their own sense of beauty and are defining and expressing themselves through their hair.

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5 Ways You Can Grow To LOVE Your Natural Hair

I was told recently not to refer to my hair as Nappy as it is a bad word used to describe black women with natural hair, I was like WAAAT!!! Lemme school ya…. Continue reading “5 Ways You Can Grow To LOVE Your Natural Hair”

Inglot Sparkling Dust

We Be Strobing To The Mooooon!

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Hurricane Irma Safety Tips

I know this is not usually you the email you get from a Natural Hair and beauty blogger. However, in light of the inclement weather I think it’s only fitting I pass on some knowledge that has helped me and my family through many hurricanes and storms in the caribbean Continue reading “Hurricane Irma Safety Tips”

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic

My first set of PR products!!!!!!! EHEM…..*Taps Mic* I want to thank God, my mom and supporters without you my hard work wouldn’t be paying off! #TeamUs

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