#WTGW Where To Get What – The Makeup Edition

I am super excited about whats going on in the makeup industry. I look forward every day to see what new products will pop up in my IG Feed and Story. I think I follow every major brand and I make a list of what products I want to try next.

Jamaica is fast catching up to the rest of the world with makeup trends, giving us easy access to popular brands like Inglot, Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced cosmetics….aren’t you excited…gosh darn it I sho is!!!

What is difficult is knowing where to shop for good quality as there a plethora of fakes out there. I mean people are faking LA Girl…like really it’s 2 bucks…oh well. Through my shoppings, I have great success as well as some hard lessons. As such, I have come up with a list of sorts to guide you in a series “Where to Buy what” #WTBW locally and abroad. This is the local make up edition.

  1. Mirror Mirror – Newest on the scene is this location, the environment is open and breezy and just screams, “take my money” it has high-end brands like Too Faced, Becca and Skindinavia along with department stores brands like LA Girl and Milani. Watch the prices here you will be pleasantly surprised.
  2. York Pharmacy – They have truly invested in their makeup and beauty area by expanding. Their location now has a designated makeup bar as well as widening their product base. They still don’t have top brands but the mid range and low-end brands are genuine.
  3. Fontana Pharmacy – Yes I visit pharmacies a lot, that is because they have makeup…duh! Fontana has always been near and dear to me from my Montego Bay days. They have, no great surprise, also expanded their makeup supplies. They have only one really high-end brand to speak of, Ingot Cosmetics, which they recently obtained.What I love about Fontana which is nowhere in any other makeup outlet, is their keen attention to the training of the beauty consultants, those girls rock right down to their shimmering cheek bones.
  4. MakeUp Addict – Located in Martinas Nail Salon ( big up unuh selves) is MUA. A comfortable mix of high end and department store makeup and very trendy in what is brand new on the market. These high quality high end makeup are the real deal. Next time you get your nails done just pick up one of Kylie’s lippies from MUA
  5. Annibelleza – She’s an oldie but goodie. You can’t go wrong here, good quality products, friendly face, even though every time I go there there is someone new, oh well fresh meat! Anna stocks skincare, clothes and hair along with makeup and if you’re lucky you might see a jelly man passing to wash off yuh heart too.
  6. EC Beauty Bar – Located in Lees Fifth Avenue “This Place ROCKS eyeliner” I love it here, open concept with a ”behind the counter feel’ if you know what I mean. The Ladies here make it all the better, fun, fashionable and GAAAWJUS! You can get your eyebrows sculpted and they recommend only the best. They will call when your fave products are in stock and have testers for everything.

Okie so those are my choices I have a few others but they didnt make this list bcause I either got fake products, their prices were ridiculously high or their customer servives sucked. Take a

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