Whirl & Twirl with Celeste Tyson

Hey Dolls, our next Whirl & Twirl beauty is Celeste Tyson. Celeste is a beautiful Ethnic Goddess who has now recently been inspired by her natural self. She has now establish a natural hair Salon dubbed Island Essence Hair Studio , which cators for all hair types with a focus on us natural Beauty.

 Please tell us little about you?

I recently went natural – had my BC in July 2012. I have been playing with the idea of locking my hair for over 2 yrs now. I went natural back then, but relaxed it again (out of frustration). I’ve done pretty much everything to my hair: jheri curl, wave nouveau, relaxers, texturizers, braids (not very often) and now natural. I’ve had long to short hair and didn’t really mess with colour. I would just glue in a few temporary highlights for variety.

I went natural again this year with the idea of being open minded and working WITH my hair and not trying to hide the transformation. The initial cut was a bit of a shock (even though I have had very short relaxed cuts) but I am enjoying the journey right now. My plan is to enjoy hair for the next year or two and then decide if I will still do locks… 🙂

 What is your current hair routine?

I co-wash every few days and deep condition once a week. I find that eco-styler gel (the black one) brings out coils in my hair and actually sets it that way. It lasts for a few days and I can always moisturize it a bit in the mornings if necessary and pick out any flattened areas. The only downside is that it takes a lot of gel (my hair soaks it up like a sponge) so I have to plan and be sure to have time to let it dry before sleeping… going out etc.

 When your on the go and don’t have time to do a full routine, what is you quick fixer?

Moisturizer in a spray bottle: water, touch of conditioner, veg glycerin (or olive oil) and a few drops of peppermint oil for scent.

Tell us your 3 best hair products to use?

Eco-styler gel (for my short length), Uncle Funky’s oil (I forget the exact name) it gives a great shine to my hair, homemade moisturizer in a spray bottle. 

Where can we find Yah!!?

On Facebook – Island Essence Hair Studio
or www.celestialjourneys.ca 

Celeste Tyson Sporting a Protective style for BVI Christmas on Main Street.

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