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Ethnicurlies I want to introduce to the Whirl & Twirl Girl for July, one of the kindest most genuine persons that I have grown to know and love here in the BVI. This woman is the strongest most determined, humble woman I have ever come across, her personality shines through her every pores. When I met her she did not rock a natural hair but her spirit and her lifestyle was very ethnic, she is a true beauty and I am proud she is a fan of the Ethnicurls community.

  1. Please tell us little about you?

Hey I am Natasha,  a 4c hair ethnicurly.  I’m a boat briefer at the Moorings LTD and I love anything in the arts, dance, poetry, music etc. I have a 4 year old daughter name Suhasani and a fiancé.1972386_10202802945931160_348825410_n

2. Why did you decide to go natural and how did you make the change?

I’ve been natural for as long as I can remember. I did try relaxer and a Jerry Curl back in the day but that’s not my thing. I had dreadlocks for 14 years until I did a big chop. After I cut the locks off I kept it in a low cut for a while but now I’m letting it grow out and loving this journey. It does have its challenges but I’m working it out day by day.

  1. What is your current hair routine/regimen? And if you don’t have time to do a full style what is your quick fix routine or your GO TO hairstyle?

I use different butters, aloe, almond, Shea and so on and mix them with oils. I Shampoo with ACV, co-wash or condition and do a lot of protective styles protective styling.

My go to styles are either head wraps/scarves or a Fro with a flower on one side


Bantu Knot – Front
Bantu Knot – Back








Bantu Knot Out
  1. What has been your major hair issue?

Biggest challenge, I would definitely say my edges. After having locks for 14 years the twisting and the length of my hair took a toll on my edges. So certain styles I’m not really able to do but I camouflage using different tricks to hide my bald patches. 😉

  1. What are the kinds of comments you receive since your hair is now natural and did anybody close to you have a problem with you wearing your hair in its current state?

My family’s already lives a holistic life style and are naturalists themselves so that’s easy. A few of my coworkers and acquaintances are not on board but I don’t let that bother me. That’s their issue, not mine; they need to work that out.

Protective style – Flat twists
  1. Tell us your 3 best hair products you use and why?

I like to make my own stuff by mixing oils and butters with herbs but I also use Sauve conditioners, ACV and Mehendi Henna.


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7. Tell us what you love about your hair the most?

I love everything about my hair because it’s mine. My natural God given 4c thin hair.



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