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Another Ethnicurly here! I have known this crazy girl for years and she has always had her hair natural. Give 2 Afro Shakes to Whirl & Twirl Girl Alison!

Please tell us little about you?

Name: Alison Espeut

Hair Type: Natural, Healthy, black, growing,  Who cares

Occupation: Accountant

Why did you decide to go natural and how did you make the change?

I’ve been natural for most of my life. Processed my hair twice; hated it both times. I processed it because I got tired of combing my hair, to be honest. (I’m a nasty coolie, lol). I like it straight, but only for a day or 2. Plus I can’t deal with sitting down for 30 minutes with chemicals burning my scalp, and then sitting under a dryer for another 2 hours.

My attempt at the air straightener

all done!
all done!

My attempt at the hair straightener

results after I straightened my hair
results after I straightened my hair

What is your current hair routine/regimen?

My hair routine consists of… sectioning it into 4, moisturizing each section, then oiling the “edges”, then styling. If I’m not in the mood to style it, then I just wipe some water on the edges, brush it and put it into a bun or ponytail.


What has been your major hair issue?

I haven’t had any major issues. In the summer I hate how long it is, but when I cut it I hate how short it is. And I absolutely HATE when unwelcome people try to touch it or play in it, or ask me if it’s my real hair. SMH.

What are the kinds of comments you receive since your hair is now natural and did anybody close to you have a problem with you wearing your hair in its current state?


Most popular comment: “OMG! Your hair is so pretty!” others are like: “You have nice hair for a black girl.” “Is that your real hair? Can I touch it?” “When you cut your hair you should sell it to me.”

Tell us your 3 best hair products you use and why?

3 best products: Africa’s Best Herbal Oil with Ginseng, Dark & Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Conditioning Oil Moisturizer, and H2O


Tell us what you love about your hair the most?

 I love my hair. I can wear it curly by just adding moisturizer, or wear it straight without blowing it out or processing it. For the most part, I love the length, and I love that I have a grey streak at the front.

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