Whirl and Twirl with Kadie Kade

I met this cute girl one day when I went to her office, and of course the first thing I saw was how she punk rock’d her Teeny Weeny Afro. So naturally I had to ask her to be in my Whirl and twirl posts. Say heya to Kadie Kade Curlies


1. Please tell us little about you?
Hi I’m Kadia but everyone knows me by Kadie Kade. I’m a young natural hair black woman who just loves being natural. In 2009 I did my first perm for boredom sakes and said I would return to my roots after I get “fedup” which I did. Now my hair is back and thicker than ever. I’m a local model in photography and runway while being a part time student @ HLSCC and working full time at Trident Trust. I love being natural in all aspects of life because it’s healthier and cheaper. Majority of what I use in my hair can be used with other things in my daily livings. It’s AWESOME!

Why did you decide to go natural and how did you make the change?
I decided to go back natural because I never had any intentions of keeping a perm in my hair past 3 years. I was more or less experimenting with the perm… I grew to like it then but eventually hated it.

3. What is your current hair routine? And if you don’t have time to do a full style what is your quick fix routine?

Wash every two weeks while I co wash twice a week in between… I mostly do twists outs and keep them moisturized with Castor and Argon oil. When twisting I use Revitalizing curl butter from SageRoots. I use Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner… every 3 days I retwist the twist and everyday I moisturize my scalp and hair. Tie down with satin hair tie and use tea tree oil on the scalp once a week. Use gel ever so often for specific hair styles.
If I’m in a rush my quick fix is gel because of my curl patterns.

4. What are the kinds of comments you receive since your hair is now natural and did anybody close to you have a problem with it?

A handful of people did not like it at all but the vast majority loved it and said it suits me. Some comments included… “You were hot before but now you’re edgy hot”… “I don’t like it”… “OMG your hair”… “Beautiful” My opinion mattered the most so I didn’t really care if anyone liked it or not and my boyfriend cannot stop playing in it (he adores the hair).

5.  Tell us your 3 best hair products you use and why?

1st product – Hair Revitalizing curl butter: it mixes well with my curls and creates awesome twists outs.
 2nd product – Black Jamaican Castor Oil (in dark glass bottle): It moisturizes the scalp real good and makes my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows really thick.
3rd product – Garnier Fructis conditioner: It’s very moisturizing on the hair and leaves it soft all the time.

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