Whirl and Twirl with @JhanelleM

I want to first welcome you again to my new Whirl and Twirl corner this is just a feature page for all my Natural Dolls….. I hope you like the blog and will subscribe. Now…This is our secound Natural Diva my gorgeous and Talemted little sister Jhanelle Mair.

Please tell us little about you?

I’m a 20 year old University of TechnologyJamaica student cooking up a storm in the Culinary Arts programme. I’ve had my locs for 5 long years and I love, love, love them to death. each of my 133 locs are my babies. I believe that a woman’s hair is glory and my hair is apart of my identity in some sense. I’m a big lover of music, books, good food and fashion.

What is your current hair routine?

The thing about having locs for five years is that I spend less time grooming it now than I did 2 or 3 years ago.
My hair routine is pretty simple now. I wash it once a week or once every two weeks depending on how hot it gets. After every wash I moisturise and retwist the roots. My hair tends to get very dry during the week so I like to add a little oil every couple of days, just to keep it shiny and healthy.

When your on the go and don’t have time to do a full routine, what is you quick fixer?

Let me tell you, when you have locs and you haven’t retwisted your hair in a while it can look like a hot nappy mess! Unfortunately with school and all the assignments Utech likes to give its studentsI don’t always have to time give all my babies attention. so what I’ll do is take the first few locs at the front, get some oil and water and do a quick retwist of the front locks. it really brightens up my face and it looks like i just did my hair when I only did a few :).

Tell us your 3 best hair products to use?

I know people with locs are all about the Mango and Lime hair product line but I really don’t like the smell, plus some of their products are greasy so I try to avoid those. The thing for me is finding good alternatives to greasy products like (1) Castor Oil. My boyfriend’s sister suggested it to me and I must say i’m really glad she did. It softens my hair and promotes hair growth without the greasy build up. My next fave hair product it the (2) Organic Growth thingie ma jig. Its a treatment for persons with thinning hair lines. it super effective and it feels so nice on my scalp after a hair wash. My last product is not so much a product as it is a concoction. Its (3) Apple Cider Vinegar, Lime Juice and Sea salt. This thing gets into your locs and pushes out all the greasy, dirt, grim or just about anything you don’t want in your locs.

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