A Guide on Where to Shop for Natural Hair Products – Jamaica & Online

Recently we at Bawn Natural have noticed the increase of natural hair products in department stores in the United States but most noticeable are the vast increase in availability in local hair shops in Jamaica, island wide.

Times gone by the only products you could find was Lotta Body, African Pride and ORS products, now you can find As  Nothing But, As I Am, Sheamoisture, Cantu, Miss Jessie’s, Alikay Natural and TGIN can be found on the shelves. Not only are they on the shelves they are fetching prices that are not too bad at all. It is now possible in Kingston Jamaica to walk into Halfway Tree wholesalers and pick up a few new products that you want to test out.

Our voices have been heard, our tweets are being read, our Instagram tags are being noticed and the wider Natural hair product developers have listened, thanks to the hair God’s! We are a ways off but we are grateful.


  • Fontana Pharmacy
  • York Pharmacy
  • The Purple Shop
  • Mingtoa
  • GC Trading
  • Cherry’s Beauty Supplies
  • Earth Elements
  • Lane Plaza

Ocho Rios

  • MK Mart
  • Fontana Pharmacy

Montego Bay

  • Fontana Pharmacy


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