What’s on Your Bucket List?

Hubster, Moon and Me at the Spring Regatta In Nanny Cay…. It rained Cats, dogs and chickens but we had a blast

I know I know I haven’t been doing much blogging this month and  I assure you I will write a post and explain it all and then I will be forgiven…I am sure?

So Happy Easter!!!!!!! If you follow me on Instagram you will see how I spent my Easter. I went to the Nanny Cay Spring Regatta 2013, and for the first year I was not working I could have some fun and try some interesting cuisines.

From the pics you can see I cut my hair, yes I did, it needed some pruning it had some dry ends that needed to go, that happens to my hair because of the many colouring I do and I live in the Caribbean so I am no stranger to the sun, but my hair seems to think hat she needs sunblock or summen. I also went jet black to give the coloring a break. I will explain why I PROMISE *big grin*

Well, for Easter the Hubster and I talked about what we are grateful for and somehow our bucket list came up so here are a few of my bucket list wanna do’s. I will start of with I have already accomplished and then whats left

Get Pregnant and Have a Baby Girl…..

Live in another Caribbean Island for a While – This is a view in Tortola BVI

Marry My BEST Friend….Sorry Patrice you were already Taken

 What I want to  do is, in no particular order:

What I wanna do now is meet this WONDERFUL, INSPIRING, MOTHER, WIFE and WOMAN Michelle Obama – Michelle Read my post and say yes you will meet *fingers crossed*

I think this will be for….ever and on-going Lawks!!!

Now who’s with me on these places to visit…..I don’t even think I need to explain any of them, They are all so awesome…Yes its true never been to New York 
Get Pregnant and Have another baby…A boy I hope..but if not…oh well

Oh by the way wasn’t I like supper cute with my prego belly….tehehehe

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