Things They Never Told Me About Pregnancy

Mommy-hood can be fun but sometimes it can be scary. My aim with this blog is to furnish yah’ll with the scary and accurate details, and then like I did you will realize that, its not thaaaaaat scary after all.

I woke up two mornings ago with my baby’s face riddle with ripe pus filled pimples over her eyelids and cheeks, needless to say I was freaking my Ass off. Of course as a new mom I thought,

    “…..guuurl u gone done summen wrong wid all your excitement with new baby….”

So of course being the A-type personality I am, I start checking off all that I did, when I showered her what soap did I use, did I use oil, was there anything in the water, did daddy wash the tub properly, check, check and check. so next step… hit the net! Of course the pics they have online are super duper scary and had my hubby jumping outa him Timberlands… never the less Irie Diva mommy came over and confirmed, aaaawwww little Punkin has baby acne little Marley had them too, they will go away.

Baby Acne on ma Su Bear

So of course we spent the last few days watching ever pimple restlessly to see signs of improvement. Its slow in coming but I feel  confident that little mama will be “just fine.”

Here are the facts as I have been given, baby acne or Milia is common, happens to most newborns usually in the first 3 weeks of life, it doesn’t bother the little one so dont make it bother you *rolls eye*, acne in a newborn does mean your little one will have acne as a teenager, Acne is genetic and if mommy and daddy didn’t have acne then teenage little one wont have it either and finally leave the pimples alone just clean once a day with mild soap and water and they will go away on its own…..I used the Glycerine soap and it worked super.

Funny thing with reading about your newborn is that in the list of things tht your suppose to expect, baby acne never came up. I’m saying since its soo darn “common” it should come right after ‘how to swaddle your baby’ and before ‘how to give your baby a bath’ I’m jess saying

Until next post….Keep the Truth…

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