Easy Wash N’ Go on Tapered Hair for the Big Chop

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This is pretty easy to do when you have short hair. It takes less product and less time to dry.

What you will need:

  1. Gel (Eco Styler to your preferred brand)
  2. Wide Teeth Comb and/or Pick
  3. Hair Spritzer (or spray bottle with water)
  4. Blow Dryer

You don’t necessary have to start on clean washed hair, I never do. First you need to detangle your hair using your fingers or wide teeth comb.

2015-11-12 12.19.49Spritz hair with water or conditioner solution. Some conditioners don’t mix well with the Eco-Styler Gel, so be careful of white residue.

After your hair is mildly saturated, section hair in small portions and apply gel. Start at the front and work your way towards the back. With a tapered hair cut you shouldn’t have much work to do at the back.

2015-11-12 12.02.40Your hair will be limp so give it some time to partially dry, if you have time you can wait it out, if not use your blow dryer on low. You don’t need it fully dried.

Then use your wide teeth comb or hair pick to lift and form hair.

With the palm of your hands, moving in a circular motion at the back of your hair, start to form smaller curls.

Put on your make up and your ready for the road.

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