Un Pretty

    b36bc07396635780c2f24046a107448cMe and My Friends Kira & Celeste- Curls around the world, Jamaican, American-Tolian  & Canadian-Nevisian 

I have been asked in the last 2 weeks why I am having a Natural hair Expo and also why do I have Natural hair.

I am no hair expert I am a hair enthusiast, I have had my hair natural for some 14 years and counting and I think I have the experience and knowledge to speak about hair care and hair maintenance. The expo is to educate the naturalistas of the Caribbean to care, love and embrace their curls, coils and kinks. best practices and products to use as well as some super awesome homemade hair treatments

2013 Hair in ReviewHair Colour10481516_10204119867900782_5037164624020005641_oSister In Law – Nicki & her Big Chop

I have stated so many times why I decided to return to my natural roots, note I said return as we were all born with our kinks, coils and curls. We as black women have absorbed society and the medias idea of what is pretty. Pageant Queens are asked to straighten their hair or wear a wig, models are hard to book because of their Nappy roots, actress are not cast or asked to change to fit the role of the peoples idea of what beauty and conservative should look like.10157328_10152461763028319_3907127217807881166_n

This pic is the definition of BIG hair don’t care and embrace your texture

I got my first perm at 13 after I didn’t not pass my common entrance (entry exam for High school in the Caribbean in the 1990’s)  the first time, and it was lead to believe it was reward, I wore my hair with a perm for all of high school and a couple months of college, i then did a big chop and loc’d my hair the first time. I can say now I was so ignorant to taking care of my hair, products, styles and such but i battled on and i stuck to it and I don’t think I will ever go back to perm.

blogger-image--1639340864Moon & I on our Big girl day out


My Long time and oldest friend Grace Lindsay with her 3a-4a Natural hair

Now I am in my 30’s, married and have to curly hair daughters, my job as a mom is to grow them to love themselves from root to tip, their every behavior and quirks and the best way I know how is to lead by example. I am happy with my hair, very happy and I love my coils, every strand even the edges near my ears that stick out no matter the edge control I use, I love the texture, the stubbornness I just really and truly love and embrace all that my hair give me

10438316_800192506659512_781417801298490186_nWhirl & Twirl Girl for June – Candie

If you are thinking of going natural, you are transitioning, you are already natural, my advice and only advice is to accept it fine the good in the annoying and frustrating and stop listening to the crap people spit about natural hair being unpretty, or bad hair or good hair.  You hair speaks confidence, it says, ‘….i am confident within myself that I accept all part of me and i care not what you might think of my fro/twist/blow I love me and I LIVE for me….”

Un-Pretty uh puh-lease!!


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