The Premier All White Party | Diner En Blanc 2017

Imagine hundreds of people descending onto a beautiful unknown location at sunset, dressed in a sea of white and transforming an iconic public space into an enchanted soiree of dinner and dancing among friends. This is the magic of Diner en Blanc.


That was taken exactly from the Diner En Blanc Kingston website, written by fellow blogger Trudi Alexis, and it pretty much sums up the entire ambience of the premier all-white event. This year’s event was held on the beautiful lawns of Devon House, which was transformed into a dining spectacular.

Diner En Blanc encompasses food lovers, party goers and fashion icons all in one evening. Guests are to take all their dining utensils along with their own food or go through carter, their choice and come ready to wine, dine and dance with friends.

This now being my second consecutive year I was all too excited to see the F A S H I O N! In the sea of white I must admit that every single solitary (yes I went there) person looked regal, elegant, chic, gorgeous. Of course, I had my favourites and you know I love maxi everything, need I say more.

From jumpsuits to bodycon, lace and silk, long flowing gowns, pants suits, mid-lengths and flamboyant necklines, I absolutely loved it! Anything that had a cape or a coat was epic. Fashion Heaven!

Diner En Blanc does go up there in cost. Tableware, cutlery, centrepieces all white and chic, does have that cash register ringing on the high note, but it’s worth it. I suggest making this your “The Event” of the year. Start planning from today, it takes that length of time to get everything covered and most importantly unique. Order or design your outfits, get your menu organised, call up all your friends and have them do the same and then next year you will be embracing the sea of white and regalness.

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