The Many Moods of Moon-Glow…..18 week update

Moon is now 18 weeks, so I have been a mom for 18 looooong weeks. So far it has been more fun than it has been challenging. Don’t get me wrong we have our very challenging times:

  • Getting her to try formula (yuk) she wont drink it so until then I have pump 2-3 times a day. I don’t mind so much, until i do mind so much.
  • Getting her to settle down with the weekend sitter, she just cant seem to stand that woman…lol
  • Getting her to take a paci…from day one this child has been spitting that thing out

She is growing so fast these days I feel if I blink I will miss her baby stages completely. I can now see her personality coming through and boy oh boy is she gonna be a feisty one, but fear not I am immune to her cuteness, kinda.

She started sitting up at 3 and a half months which was a shocker to us and the doctors, some how she doesn’t want to be a baby for too long, I am not too happy about that, now she is teething and trying to crawl on her hands and knees. She hasn’t gotten the creeping down yet but she shuffles on her belly to what ever (the TV remote) or whom ever she wants (mostly her daddy).

She is very demanding that Lil Moon, I mean where would she get such a behavior from, *humph*

You can already see she is a Daddy’s girl, she is soo excited when she sees her dad, always a big gummy grin and she bounces and jumps into his arms. I can see  the light in his eyes of the love and jubilation he feels to know someone loves him for just that, for him. My husband is a changed man now that he is a father, his attitude towards life, money and people have changed.

Where he used to be so caged I have seen him open up his heart and has nestled so gentle Moon-Glow in there. He and all is surprised at how much he feels for her, how she turns his bad day around and makes his good day even better.

Being with this man for ten years I could never get him to take a weekend off work just to hang, okay lets not say never but he didn’t do it very much, NOW…Sundays are for him and his baby, he takes off Sundays and stays home with Moon-Glow, “baby sitting” (I believe it’s not baby sitting when its your child…humph)

And by the way I am now just Sita, I am not babes, or honey or baby any more I am JUST Sita…those loving endearments are for his beautiful daughter, which he thinks is all HIS doing *SMDH*

Omar truly loves her and I am glad she has changed him, softened him up a lot. I have always known he had this side but he never would allow it to be seen, with that said, this little girl has him WRAPPED around her finger *mwaaahahahahaa*

With all I have said words still cannot explain how I now feel, How I care or How I love as a mother, its like no other, its like every other. It is unexplainable and very explainable at the same time.

I have been asked how I’m doing as a mom, and I answer so many different ways, but What I can really say and what I can explain, is that Mother hood is blessing, its a gift bestowed upon very many but not all can reach up to the task, its only 18 weeks with my little one, check back in 18 years and I tell you how I am doing as a mom…..

Its the TRUTH….

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