How to Deal With your Natural Hair in the “In-between” Stage

I did a mini big chop some months ago trying to get rid of the damaged hair I had neglected post baby. It was the best decision  for my hair as the look and feel was overall healthier. After cutting it, the problem I am now had was it was now back to that “in between: stage. You know that stage that it’s not long but too long to be short.



As you might know and for these who follow me on IG you will clearly see that I love my hair I embrace my kinks and I work with her (my hair) while she does her own thang, but in this stage, with most hair journey, you just don’t know how to cope.

The length is choppy and weird, your products that use to give the bomb twist-out are now seemingly unawesome (I made that up). Your face looks all weird as with the new length it falls too long to be a bang but not long enough in the back for a high puff. Your wash days now takes forever it seems and you’re now starting to underestimate how long your hair will take to dry, hence the “twist fails”  and not the twist out

Well lets see if we can figure this out together, I have gathered a few pointers to help us all in that awkward in between stage.

  • Wash your hair earlier in the days. I wash at nights bad idea for now unless you’re not planning on leaving your house next day
  • Invest in a good hair gel. It will help with catching the hairs in the back that is shorter into your high puffs or puffs period
  • Bob pins! #thatisall
  • Play around with your new length and see how best to frame your face
  • Get comb clips and experiment with styles, there a few Youtube sensations that do protective styles for medium length hair types
  • Takes lots and lots of photos, this will help to motivate you and to keep experimenting with different styles and techniques.

And finally..…who are we kidding… this is all a bag of bull. If you love your hair like I love my hair this awkward in between stage will be aaaawwwwwesome. Why…….? Because after all you did to your hair it HAS actually grown to the point that it’s a bother. It’s a journey just enjoy it.  Rocking your mane is all about the confidence in yourself. Love you!
xoxo – Ceta


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