The Great Dilemma


I have spent the past week, walking, driving, strolling to every and any daycare facility that the British Virgin Islands have to offer. People I must tell you….e

                                                     I have never been so stressed in my life!!!

So hear are the one that stood out, I will give them aliases to protect their identity…lol


This Daycare smelt soo bad I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. After I open the front door I hurriedly said to Omar who had the baby, ‘stay outside stay outside!!!!’

Oooohhhh it didn’t stop there, when I got into the Daycare, the attendant for the children was lying on the floor with her legs on a chair and her friend, who had come to ‘hang’ with her for the day, was spread eagle on a dingy sofa in the corner, yes, summer set green dingy sofa……and you would think after she saw me asking about the place she would get up or summen…naaaw home gurl lay down on the floor and had a chat to me the whole time *roll my eye* Let me finish here before I start hyperventilating again.


This Daycare had about 50 kids no joke, it was more of a pre-school that had a baby center attached as an after thought, yes and it smelt too. The place was dark and crowded and owner spoke to me through a cage…yes a cage!!! Need I say anymore!!! Good Grief!!!


So AAALLLLL the kids in this daycare had the cold, not the cute little sniffles kids and babies get, the runny nose, dried buggers all over nose, cheek and chin. They had mostly toddlers too (one of the kids looked like Dora the explorer… so cute) What scared the crap outta me was when this little kid climb off the ground into the crib and was hanging from the rail, and nooooo body saw!!!!!


This was right across the street from my place of work  I mean literally, Its convenient, some what within budget. Being that Little Moon is still nursing I was gung-ho to go see this place as I could pop by and see her on my breaks. OH EM GEE, I was utterly deflated when I saw the dilapidated broken down shack they had peoples children in, sharp nails and boards protruded from the fence and doors, the light switches didn’t work, I stood and watch the childcare attendant flicker away at the switch for a good minute, at which point when the lights came on the toddlers screamed with joy (DWL). The children in my eyes were kept in an unsightly condition, maybe more the parents than the childcare attendants. What I did like though about this place is that one childcare attendant was doing activities with the toddlers, some number game that the kids really liked.


Even though this Daycare, never smelled, had very professional persons, had a website and communicates by email and Google chat (which was on my wish list), it was clean, tidy and organized. No person, other than the very sterile caregivers were allowed pass a certain point, toddlers, big kids and Babies were separated and every child was assigned his or her own crib with name tags and such, even with all those things that seemed positive, they had all the toddlers and babies (that could creep or walk) in their cribs and not allowed to come out, so for 8-9 hours these poor little ones were in a cage all day, OH EM GEE…I had rather the place did smell bad after I saw that.


This daycare daddy loved loved loved, I must admit I liked it too, I mean after all the horrors I saw for the day this was a welcoming surprise. This daycare was in a church, they categorized the children from 3 months to 3 Years, and had the itty bitty babies in a room to themselves, equipped with playpens and bouncy chairs, it was clean and tidy and smelled of Amens powder,  there was 4-5 babies in each one room, big bay windows, air conditioned, mats to play and roll around on and a lovely elderly lady, with a sweet disposition . They gave us a very detailed brochure with quite a bit of info.

What I didn’t like, its open from Mondays-Fridays and close early on a Friday. No weekends. They gave us list of foods we cannot send to the daycare that, “forbidden food” , we could not send Little Moon to daycare with any jewelry, not even her earrings, all formula had to be premixed as they would not mix or reheat bottles for the babies and it was a little over our budget.

From my little venture into the world of Childcare Providers I have found out that no where is as good as where you can provide for your child, nobody will take the care and time that your bundle of joy so deserves. No matter how much you pay and how much you try, your child will get a cold from the daycare along with a host of other communicable illnesses.
My hope is to make a million bucks a month and have “mi choild stay hay wid me at home” *tolian accent

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