How to Transition from Relaxed Hair to Natural Hair

Transitioning Hair from straight hair to your curly kinks

I have a few of these questions in my inbox and I have neglected to answer them in a timely manner. Let me first apologize for my tardiness I plead pregnancy.

Hey Ceta! Congrats again it’s been a while girlfriend! Take care of both babies. So proud of you; I was doing some reading about your Ethnic Truth blog and I had a question every time I decide to go back natural I cant handle it I go back go the creamy Crack. Then I try braiding it for awhile but then my hair breaks, gets brittle and damaged. I want My hair Natural but is such a hard process and now I cant be bothered. What can I do!!!!???


Okay……so I feel your pain -Y-, I do!! I tried going natural no less that 5 times before I actually succeeded.
Here is the thing about braids and Transitioning hair. When one decides to go natural after wearing processed or creamed hair for so long, we tend to think we should just abandon our hair and let it just happen, that is not the case. When you leave the straight ends you have treat your hair and still take very good care of it with moisture and steam treatments to strengthen the entire hair.

One of the few natural hair Models in mainstream media – Tami

Natural hair is not easier to take care of at all, most natural hair needs a regime like anything else, moisturizer, curling creme, silk cap wide teeth comb and in some cases a oil infused hair gel are all things I use in my hair. This never came tome in a dream either i spent a lot of time and in cases money to get the products that work with me. I have a mixture of 4B and C hair and its very coarse and dry so I spend alot of time moisturizing and keep int it soft.

After my last big chop a year ago – Bantu Knots loosen. I used Shea Butter to twist and eco style gel to slick back the sides

I found through trial and error that shampoos makes my hair coarse and also colouring it strips the moisture from your hair, essential oils and Shae butter helps with moisture but not all essential oils, like coconut oil makes my hair course and Castor oil open up my pores so much that it gives me sore spots in my scalp.

What you need to do if you want a successful transition to natural hair:

  • Be patient – we are used to instant gratifications without hair, we creme it style it and WHAM we look like Beyonce. However with natural hair it takes time to see results, whether its a twit out or growing hair to a certain length 


  • Be committed – it is easy to get discouraged and distracted and keep looking at all those women with natural hair for 3-4 years and sigh and say oh I cant wait to get there, oh when will I get there, or get frustrated with the lack of ideas for hair styles that suit us.
Natural rope twist with Jamaican Bulk hair, most persons rock this while they transition
  • Do your research –  YOUTUBE!! yes I said it! there are tons of gals out there that has Vlog  of how to rock your natural hair, whether its a Teenie Weenie Afro, a Big Ass Afro or transitioning hair, they have very clear demonstrations as to how to rock your new natural you 
  • Do protective styles – yes braid your hair, flat twist it or do Bantu knots, what you should never forget to do before, during and after these styles is to moisturize and use a treatment. Use a silk cap to keep your air from breaking and gradually as your hair grows you can clip off the straight ends
  • If all else fails Do a big Chop -take it home sister take it to the roots if you don’t have the patient to let your hair grow out all the straight ends.

Whatever you chose to do be happy if your miserable cant  stand how you look and how your hair looks this may not be for you. Take a look at a few styles that you can do while you have short hair or transitioning to your natural roots. When you get to you Natural roots go to my care tips and start to enjoy your curly coily kinky kinks.

TWA – Little sole afro
You can use braids to get this effect
Twist out with a head band
Comb twist with Gel and of course a POP of colour
Bantu Knots – Loosed out with super cool accessory

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  1. I transitioned for a year then did a chop. I made sure to deep condition regularly and used gels and hair puddings
    I wore cane row, twist, bun, pony tails and bantu knot out.

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