Fastest DIY Spritzer for Low Porosity Natural Hair

DIY SPritzer

So as you know by now Bawn Natural is on YOUTUBE as Lifestyle by IC-Ta (Iceta)!!! Yes, girl, we buss the place! So now you can get visual demonstrations for most of the info on the blog, cool huh? We are starting with a DIY Spritzer for Low Porosity Natural Hair and if you don’t understand porosity, read all about it here. So here goes guys, please SUBSCRIBE and thumbs up. Thank you all for your support. Please give feedback.

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10 Natural Hair Tools Must-Haves

Natural Hair Tools

So this is post three in the Love Your Hair Series and I hope you guys have already read the other two.  Read Series #1 here and Series #2 here. This one is about 10Natural Hair tools you cannot live without. We are getting deeper into learning to Love Your Natural Hair, remember it’s about understanding what you need and how to use your knowledge to manipulate your hair in styles that you love. 

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How to Transition from Relaxed Hair to Natural Hair

  Transitioning Hair from straight hair to your curly kinks I have a few of these questions in my inbox and I have neglected to answer them in a timely manner. Let me first apologize for my tardiness I plead pregnancy. Hey Ceta! Congrats again it’s been a while girlfriend! Take care of both babies. So proud of you; I was doing some reading about your Ethnic Truth blog and I had a question every time I decide to go back natural I cant handle it I go back go the creamy Crack. Then I try braiding it for awhile but then my hair breaks, gets brittle and damaged. I want My hair Natural but is such a hard process and now I cant be bothered. What can I do!!!!??? -Y-

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