Simple Up Do’s – Wedding Options

After sifting though thousands of photos to place on my Facebook Page The Ethnic Truth I found two classy updo’s you can dress up and literally down for the Summer upcoming wedding season. The picture above is with your Classic Box Braids with a twist, home girl shaved of most of her hair except the top. She did some Jumbo twist and then did a High Bun on top. You can accessorize your high bun with what ever theme for the wedding you will be going to, pearls, diamonds, flowers you name it. The girl in the picture didn’t have much to do bu it has hidden potential to be very classy for the edgy girl. I would definitely do this.

A scarf is a must have once you have natural hair as most natural mane can be a little difficult to control depending on the texture hair you have. For this you can do it two ways:

 Option 1:
1) Part hair in two unequal parts with a smaller portion to the front to make a hump. Use a hair tie to keep them from not tangling back together

2) braid hair down from middle of your head to the nape of your neck and tuck end under.

3) loose hair tie from front portion and loosely fold hair back to cover the parted section, leaving the hair with a hump at the front. Push forward slightly for desired poof

4) Use bobby pins to hold in place

5) Take some hair gel/moisturizer/oil and use it to slick down unruly strands brush hair to also get all strands neatly into place. use what ever amount of gel that you desire

6) fold scarf as desired, hold both ends and place at the back of head, bring the to ends towards the front and tie in bow or desired knot. you can also use bobby pins to pin scarf in place

Option 2 – Without scarf

Repeat steps 1,3-5

For Step 2: use hair tie to catch hair in a high bun on top of head.

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Good Luckk and look beautiful

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