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Hey Dolls

Over the past couple of days I have been actively searching for some place in the BVI to get Natural Hair products and to also do some
networking to get involved with some Natural hair Beauts over on this side of the world.

If you have been following my Twitter page you will know that in the BVI we had a Christmas on Main Street where all the shops around the island set up booths on the road side so we can partake of the niceties.

I found a couple of booths that I so Lurves so for the nest couple of days I will be doing some posts with them. My first one is of SageRoots drop them a line and see what they are about. I had the pleasure of meeting Kris and Lenette .

Kris walked me through the products they offer here and I got me some of the SageRoots Whipped Shea Butter and Refined Coconut Oil. Speaking to Kris let me know how little I know about hair products, I am clearly not a product junkie, when I find something that works, home girl does stick to it. The Shea butter I love but the refined Coconut Oil is a dud for me, I will try something else.

The also have Claudie’s, Hairvenda Indian Blends and Red Tea and much more. They also have ingredient facts posted on their shelf in Clovers.





Claudie’s Hair Revitalising Creme


Sageroots Booth at Christmas On Main Street


Not Only are these lovely ladies into providing care for natural hair with natural products. They have hand made head wear, scarfs, button head bands, crochet flowers and the works.





My FAVE FAVE FAVE…got one on Monday.. Thanks Kris!!!



Simply Gorgeous


They even have Uniform patterned hair accessories for the different schools in the BVI
So for my BVI Doves take a walk down to Clovers beside the Digicel building ask for Kris and she will walk you the the Murumuru, Honey, Coconut Oil and Cacoa ingredients….lol.
Have no fear rest of the world, you can find most if not all these products in your local Natural hair stores.
Till Next time Dolls…Keep the Truth

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