Moon’s 2 week Update

Daddy walking Suhri’Sana’a outside for the first time

My little pumpkin is two weeks today….yaye for us, she still isn’t sleeping through the night but ‘we gats this in the bag, change’, feed, sleep, play….easy breeze…

It took me two weeks to be able to have the time to actually start this blog…. Took me this long for my body to feel like my body again, to actually get a hang of cleaning with a newborn, for me to get use to the sleep deprivation, who am I kidding, I am soo tired I cant even think straight.
My little one was born on January 5, 2012 at 1:43pm after 36 hours of labour….yes thirty six that’s right, first child and all my body was so protective of her it didn’t want to let her out…. We had a girl like we wanted at 6lbs 15oz, 20.5 inches and we named her Suhri’Sana’a Nubia
I am not gonna say child birth is a beautiful thing, never thought that before I had Suhri and I still don’t think so, it gives you a euphoric feeling, accomplished, highly emotional, but beauty never came to mine.
Now everybody is different and every pregnancy is different but my Labour WAS a bit traumatic, so my experience is specific to me, and I would do it again with a few changes especially in location. My husband and I had our baby at the Hospital in Tortola B.V.I away from family and close friends. I would change that the most, I would want my mom and sisters and Best friend with me if and when I go back for baby number two. Having no family around makes you appreciate having them around when you have been through such an ordeal. I miss them a lot and hoped they were here
I went au-natural fr my delivery, not that I had much of a choice being that I live in the British Virgin Islands, it’s either a vaginal birth with no drugs or a c-section, and I am soo sorry I was not guns-ho to cut Ma body in half, I figured *rolling ma eyes* that it would be best for me if my body was allowed to do what came naturally, oh my goodness that was interesting.
The truth yah’ll I’m happy with my choice, would I do it the same way next time around, nope!!!! However my little joy was born healthy and strong and the trauma my body went through is slowly healing and I feel after 2 weeks that there is a Body, My Body in the very near future
Till next time…keep the truth

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