Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids

This post is about the Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids. It was installed by myself took me about 3 hours with breaks. I got the cornrow pattern from youtube here and the installation process here. The cornrows I did not do myself I got help, cause you know your girl can not do that in her own hair.


  • The hair is soft,
  • The curl pattern is crazy nice
  • It’s not silky and looks all fake
  • Very Affordable


  • Hair is very fluffy be light handed.
  • The hair knots and frizz quite easily

Hair Details

  • Packs of Cost – $750 JA ($6US)
  • Installation Time – 2-3 Hours
  • Tools – Braids, Crochet Needle, moisturiser for natural hair

Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids - Day 1


Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids - 3 weeks Old



Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids - Week 5
No Make-up

Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids – Final Thoughts

My thought this is hair is great, however, use 2-3 packs instead of 4 packs as it came out HUUUUGE. Try to remember to always moisturise your scalp, or you will have a really bad case of flaking and itching. The flakes and itch will prevent you from wearing your hair for more than 2 weeks.

Crochet braids made a big impact about 5 years ago, it blew in the natural hair community because of the ease of installation, the variety of hair and the low maintenance it had like braids but still can get a weave appearance. Crochet braids was a way for all transitioning or TWA to get a little length to play with until their hair grew or to try out a natural style before you decided you want to join the natural hair community.

The ease of install was also a major factory as almost anybody could experiment and get a cut crochet braids that worked for their own personal style and look.

Experimenting with hair does not make you any less natural, contrary to popular belief, many people think because its fake hair it is defeating the purpose of having natural hair. Nonsense, it is a protective style and it works just the same as a boxed braid or weave. The Jamaican Jerry Curl has a  realistic defined twist out curl and the texture is most like 4B/C hair which makes it perfect for crochet braids. You can always tell when a hair is popular, whenever you can never find it in any store.

For more protective hair styles visit my Pinterest board here.


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