Diva Red Pumps for Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

This is  my first year joining in on the Rock the Red Pump Project. A fellow blogster IrieDiva, sent me a mail about it and I was so excited  to join in and be apart. The Rock the Red Pump Project serves to highlight Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, which is today March 10th.

Honestly I have never been much of an activist and I if had choice I would readily chose Cancer, why funny enough as much as AIDS has become an epidemic I have yet to meet one person that has told me or one person that I know for fact based on external info or otherwise that they have HIV or AIDS.

What I do have to say about AIDS with regards to women is that, be proactive in your own health, take charge of yourself, don’t let any man say what they want and you buy it hook line and sinker.

look at it this way, nobody likes getting poison Ivy or a mosquito bite why would you want one that will never go away and will constantly be bothering you.

Yes, we have heard that HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence, I am puzzled as to why the media and expert would continue to say that, yes you can live a healthy and loooong life but why go through all of that, just prevent it from start.

My daughter is only 14 months and I already am think when should we have, “THE TALK”. I need her to know that no matter what influences her choices, that she has to live with it.

We are adults so i cant and wont say abstain but here are a few of my suggestions:

Condoms – In the B.V.I, I think they are way too expensive, $4.50US and $5.00US a box and not everybody can readily find that now a days, and that pricing is for the low end unpopular brands. *maybe that’s why Teenage pregnancy is super high here* But the hospital gives you TONS for free once you ask them, we in Jamaica call them Silver Bullets as they come a never ending string in a sliver wrapper

Budget for a condom from your paycheck – its like a doctors visit, you wouldn’t skip out on a docs visit if you felt horribly sick, well budget for some kind of protection like you would do anything else

Lamb Skin is not very effective – Find Latex its better, if your allergic speak to your Gynaecologist they have nifty solutions to the effects of latex

Stick to one partner – This is no guarantee the other person is behaving and that should give you pause, but you will minimise your risks of exposure. *and have somebody to wale out on*

Get tested frequently.

Be hyper vigilant when you start to slip out of your panties, its your crotch so protect it.

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