The Art of Breastfeeding

About 2 days after giving birth your Milk sets in and replaces the Colostrum you normally feed you munchkin, and then your breasts become engorged and if you’re not familiar with the word, when that hits your breasts you will sho nuf know what I mean.

Engorgement is tame compared the brutalization your nipples will get with trying to breastfeed your little one. Unfortunately for me, I had been so doped up in my labour with all the cervical relaxing drugs they gave me the Suhri slept none stop the first 36-40 hours after she was born. That was a little unnerving but it made me and Hubby get some much-needed recovery sleep. After we got home, however, my little bundle of joy decided to feed all night, and I mean aaaaaalllll night, from about 9 pm till about 5:30 am, on and off of course, but it was sheer torture on my new breastfeeding nipples. OOHH Lord Suhri clamped down on them tatas and she did chomp them nice and swore.

It got so bad I had to take deep breaths before I would breastfeed her, Oh Em Gee, my hubby, Omar, would have to coach me along and hold my hand, sometimes my entire body would shake when she latched on, this was not cool, sooo not cool. Omar even turned to me one night after my bouts of hisses and asks me why do I still persist; why not get her a bottle. To this day I am not quite sure why I never quit, I was just like, if I don’t do this for my baby who will, and in a slight way I grew up in a household where my mom had 5 kids which she so lovingly breast fed and I’m like, 

“What’s wrong with me, why am I being such a wuss”

*Blows raspberry* Listen, having a baby and making decisions as to how to rear them is your choice, try to do away with all the stereotypes and what your mom did and what your aunt did or even what your best friend did, it’s your baby and your choice and as a mother, the good Lord has blessed us with the ability to be nurturers and you will feel what’s best for your child.

Personally, when I thought about it, I never continued breastfeeding because my mom did it, I did it to bond with my baby, I felt needed that I could provide such an essential need for my child and I felt it made me a better mom toughing it out. There is nothing wrong with formula feeding your child, yes they say breast is best, but formula, the right one for your baby, provides her with all the essential nutrients that she will need. So please, don’t beat yourself up if breastfeeding is just not your thing, do what’s best for you and your baby. Babies are made out of tougher stuff than we think.

After about 3 weeks of breastfeeding it gets better, I promise! It’s like the more you practice is the better it gets, or your nipples just get real tough and the clamping down doesn’t feel so bad anymore, lol. Naaaaw in reality, Suhri learnt over the weeks to latch in better, to take a big gulp of mommies areola and not the nipple. It takes time for you to learn and it takes time for your baby to learn.

My advice read all you can about breastfeeding especially latching on, speak to a lactation consultant if you have one in your country, none was in the British Virgin Islands, but the midwives here are super great as well as my paediatrician. They really helped out.  Get all you can to soothe your nipples, nipple cream, silicone nursing pads that can cool the breasts, lanolin wipes or cream. Don’t let anybody tell you those won’t work and its a waste of Money, it’s not!!! If I knew then what I know now #thatisall

Visit, they have videos and tutorials of breastfeeding tricks that are so great. The is very good too. So read read read aaalll you can about breastfeeding, it will help. Knowledge is power!

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