How to Wear a Kimono in Warm Weather

Kimonos are the best piece of clothing accessory read further on to see How to Wear a Kimono in Warm Weather. I have replaced my blazers and jackets to the flowy bohemian style of Kimonos. They are just gaawjus…Love em!

Long sleeve Kimono custom made by Mary Clark @Macs_Couture
Long sleeve Kimono custom made by Mary Clark @Macs_Couture

Not sure why I initially started collecting this cute item, and I use collect loosely. The one above and below was custom made for me by Macs Couture for the Caribbean fashion week event in June. It was last minute but I must thank Mary publicly for putting up with my short notices.

I wanted it loose and long flowy and gorgeous, long or 3/4 sleeve and unique, well at least no one at the event would have MY print and design. I sourced the material at the fabric store, after mulling it over for quite a bit. I thought about what other clothes I had and colours in my wardrobe pallet.

Long Printed Kimono - Local Designer Mary Macs

Victoria Secrets Silk Kimono
Victoria Secrets Silk Kimono – Thrift find

I have had this silk Kimono for years and I mean years. I always thought it was way too colourful and looked too much like a robe. I still think it looks like a robe…humph. I got this on one of my earlier shopping travels from the mall, can’t remember the cost but it is from Victoria secrets, hence why I keep saying it’s a robe, but they had it all dolled up with jeans and tank up. Cute none the less.


Forever 21 Black Kimono
Forever 21 Black Kimono

This is my newest Kimono and by far the most affordable. Forever 21 had these for under 25 dollars but they went like hot bread. Wanted another colour but I was out of luck, black was the only size available. Needless to say, GOOD CHOICE!

Short Blush Pink Kimono with black leggingsShort Blush pink Kimono

You’ve made it to the end. Here are my tips on how to wear Kimono in Warm Weather

  1. Ensure you get the right fit, if the Kimono is too big, it will show.
  2. Choose colours, patterns and different texture. The textures you choose can differentiate between casual and elegant
  3. For an elegant look, choose a silky or heavy chiffon and pair it with pants or a jumpsuit. Longer Kimonos tend to look more formal, so pairing it with a short dress will also
  4. For a casual look pair it with a shorter Kimono and your fave jeans

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