Hostile Work Environ

Recently I had dinner with a new girlfriend; you know after 2 years in the BVI I am still ‘dating” gals to find a niche to fit my social life into. My girl Kristy and I went out the other day and we gets to chatting, like women all do; and the poor soul was lamenting over a co-worker she can’t seem to see eye to eye with. Oh EM GEE I have been there so many times but here in Tortola with such variety of Caribbean nationals personality runs far and wide and it’s a lot harder to get a grip as to what are the dos and don’ts for each culture…aarghh!!
Krissy works an upscale boutique here (or as upscale as this teenie island gets) and she recently moved to the island from Trinidad, she works with Guyanese, Jamaicans, Dominicans, Lucians and of course other Trini’s. For some strange reason, and bear in mind this is one side to the story, the Jamaican girl and her can’t get along, it is so bad that some suspension of both by the Labour Department happened, and threaten words and cut eye I mean the works!!
I do feel for her, especially for the extent it went, since living here I have had similar run ins and it takes strength and REALLY being the BIGGER person to move away from it.
What would you do? What would you tell Krissy?
There are a few ways that these things can be resolved but so far most hasn’t worked, she spoke to a supervisor but there are so much politics here on the island nobody wants not to step on any toes.
Ignoring home girl only makes the problem worse, as she doesn’t like to be ignored; Krissy has come to see me at work to tell me about bumps in the passages and snickers when she passes by, even plots to over throw her in the lunch room, juvenile tsk tsk tsk.
So the next strategy is to kill her with love, I told Krissy for the next month every morning she should go right up to Ms Trini Lady and say,
“Good Morning Ms Lady, if there is anything you want me to do for you today I will be happy to help…..”
Because what I would really do would have the po po knocking at my door and hauling me off in handcuffs. I mean like seriously what are their problems, in the middle of rolling demy eye it must get stuck that way. And that company must have cameras start dishing out punishments man, docking pay and make life harder, dem is big people dem must do better. All I have seen in the past 5 years is managers and no leaders. Everybody wants to be a supervisor but doesn’t know or want to supervise properly. Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this hot mess before those two girls kill each other.

I do understand that conflicts will happen and you won’t like everybody and everybody won’t like you, but as an adult you should take of your nasty habits at the doors and put on your work coat. Is this the example we want to set as professional women, for our children and spouses and other prospective jobs.

Man unuh go shake hand and call it draw

 Lets hear yah views??!

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