Heineken House Jamaica Experience

Heineken, the dutch based brewing company, conceptualise a theme around highlighting Jamaica’s art, music and fashion. Set over two days in Barbican Square, a beautiful “house” was structured to host the event, hence born the name ‘Heineken House’.

For the launch Managing Director of Red Stripe Ricardo Nuncio shared with guests the importance of Jamaica to the company, other speakers included,  Brand Manager Suwannee Stewart who presented to the visually talented artist Christopher McKenzie, $20,000 who placed both first and third in the Heineken House Night of Fashion and Art Competition introduced earlier this year.

Night one featured Art from local Jamaicans that was displayed throughout the venue. There was a Henna station, @HennaThreads, that presented two designs to choose from on the other side of the site was a talented artist doing Caricatures.

The highlight of the night was the fashion show with designers such as Denyque and ASD. Creative, trendy and very Jamaican was the theme for the night and it was highlighted by the life mural, of Half Way Tree Transport Center, that was being created on stage.

Night two was all about the music. Jamaican talented men and women were given the opportunity to showcase their talent. One crowd favourite was a natural hair sista name called Savannah. You can see shots of me and the beautiful chica below. She was sultry and earthy and delivered her set like a pro. The night was closed out by the exciting vocals of Christopher Martin.

Great job Heineken the turn put for both nights was awesome, the vibe was right, and your Brewhijito was smashing hit. I was throwing those bad boys back for both nights. Made from Heineken beer, a touch of lime juice and of course mint, simple and refreshing. The Heineken House was the first in the Caribbean, and I do hope t will be an annual event, if so, see you next year.



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