Easiest Halloween Natural Hairstyles for All Hair Types

Halloween Natural Hairstyles for All Hair Types

So it’s my favourite time of year! Well, to be honest, that’s Christmas, but Halloween runs a close second. Over the years I have always wondered why Natural hair divas don’t do a Halloween Natural Hairstyles compilations because I think they it can be so much fun. Here are 10 natural hairstyles that you can choose from watching on YouTube and you can see the others. 

I have done a few styles that are simple and easy and you don’t need slot of product? Just the ones already use. Fret not, there is a style for everyone and all ages guaranteed you will find something you like.

You can skip the picture and go straight to the YouTube page, Lifestyle with IC-Ta to view a few bonus styles just for you. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a question for me.

Lets, get into it! Every style needs a good moisturizing technique so empower your LOC or LCO Method you need your natural hairstyle to look snappy and cute, you don’t want your style to be dull and blah, right?

You need form your Halloween Natural Hairstyles other than killer goth makeup:

  1. Leave-In conditioner – Alikay Natural Lemongrass Leave-In
  2. Moisturizer – Lottabody Moisturize Me
  3. Oil for sealing – Sweet Almond
  4. Styling products Gel or Cream – Ecostyler then I switched to Aunt Jackies Don’t Shrink
  5. Wide teeth comb
  6. Detangling Tool
  7. Rattail Comb
  8. Hair ties
  9. Hairpins
  10. Edge Control – Cantu

Use the products that you already have at hand, I have just listed the ones I use, no need to go shopping unless you truly want to.

So let me know do you have plans for Halloween? Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me which style is your fave.

Happy Halloween

Halloween Natural Hairstyles for All Hair Types

 Halloween Natural Hairstyles - Pig Tail with Bangs
Pig Tail with Bangs
Halloween Natural Hairsyles - Ninja Bun Afro
Ninja Bun Afro
Halloween Natural Hairstyles - Center Part High Puff, High Puff
High Puff
Halloween Natural Hairstyles - Pompadour
Halloween Natural Hairstyles - High bun with Fro Bang
High Bun with Fro Bang
Halloween Natural Hairstyles - Faux Hawk, pony tails, goth hair
Faux Hawk
Halloween Natural Hairstyles  - Double Bun with Hair accessory
Double Bun with Hair accessory
Halloween Hairstyles for Natural Hair - Bun Hawk
Bun Hawk
Double Puff for Natural Hair
Double Puff for Natural Hair
10 Easy Natural Hairstyles

Curly Afro for 4B/C Hair
Curly Afro
10 Easy Natural Hairstyles



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