How to Buy Foundation Online

Now come closer…a little closer, have you ever tried to purchase Foundation online, from a brand you have never used? You know the whole, “youtube influencer made me buy it” I have a few things in my beauty arsenal just like, needless to say, Jackie Aina is my YouTube kryptonite…augh.

So let’s get into to it. In Jamaica, there isn’t a lot of high-end foundations that you can get, as such Beauty fanatics like myself resort to shopping online. This is where it gets tricky, you must be asking how can you order foundation online. Well Curlies, I got the skinny fo’ yah! I went searching for weeks until I came up with a solution it’s not foolproof but it has worked for me time and again and there are little other tricks you can do to ensure you don’t purchase something crazy

The Solution

“Makeup/Foundation Match applications” Yes Online foundation matches, I went searching and found out a few things. First, almost all foundation brands have some sort of matching guidelines. A few are super confusing and others are user-friendly.

Secondly, which many should already know there aren’t many choices for women of colour so we have employ a second step after we find our would-be match.

The best one I have found is from is Findation you know like “Foundation”. This is the most effective one out there. It has a list of all major brands and their entire line.

Here is how it works:

Choose a brandfindation

Choose the line in the brand

findation step 2

Choose the shade you know that matches you perfectly

findation step 3

Select a second brand and shade just to ensure that their software has something to compare.

findation step 4

Voila! Your shades

findation step

From Findation you can define the search to a particular brand of make up you want to try. KOOL HUH!

The next one I found is from Sephora. Sephora + Pantone has a Color ID of all the foundation brands they have on their online store. When you sign up for you can create and get an ID number to shop at most high-end foundation websites. Now, Sephora is no joke about the foundation as there is drugstore or even mid range brands on their site. So if you have never worn a Mac, Lancome or Becca forget about this Color ID software.

Here is how it works:

Select Brand of Foundation, I used Mac


Select Line – Studio Sculpt

ciq 2

Select Colour – NC50

ciq 3

Hit ‘Match Me” and there you go all that should suit you. My Color ID is 1Y13 based on the foundation from Mac that I have previosly worn.

ciq 4

You can also adjust for lighter and darker or buy all three if you’re loaded like that!

ciq 5

Tricks in Trade, Matches Box in Business

So here is the real skinny. Foundation matches are not foolproof but they are pretty accurate. The other layer you should implement is opinion. Opinions of others who have used the makeup before. Like beauty influencers who disclose all/ Jackie Aina is one of my favourite YouTubers and I follow her for a few reason but mainly because we are the same skin tone. In her video descriptions, she usually puts all the makeup lines she is using for which ever particular look and she have loads of videos on foundation hauls and tips.

Find an influencer and see if you use the same makeup shade and use that as an extra layer of buying guarantee.

Another option is to purchase the sample sizes in these makeup brands. Yes, there are sample sizes available for most premium brand foundation and they cost half the price. You can pretty much do that with any product you want, primers, cleanser or moisturizers.

Other ways to get High-end brands is to join subscription boxes like Ipsy or Boxy Charm. There are loads available most, however, don’t ship to international address so you will have to use a courier service.

Final Tips

Remember, match your foundation on your chest. It is completely okay to wear one shade darker and lightening it up with a lighter colour face powder and highlighting work. You really don’t need high-end foundation, drug stores brands have upped their game so much you really can’t tell at all. The deal is with eye shadows and highlighters, those you go ham on. Hmmm… I think I just figure out my next beauty post, until them…

“Keep smiling…keep styling”

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