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I use to be a little timid to tell people where I get my clothes from if they weren’t from high-end boutiques or the US. Don’t be all snickering now, cause us girls know that we watch what each other is wearing with an eye of insecurity and sometimes jealousy.  After kids, I realise I could not go shopping like I wanted, my shopping bill just became much bigger with two fashionable toddlers.

I found that I had to find what I could, when I could, especially with a fluctuating waistline and bust size. In the BVI there was never an opportunity for much variety, but here in Jamaica, I thought I would go broke with so many clothing stores and personal shoppers.

Even with all those options I still bought clothes way to expensive, sticking to the evil I knew from many moons back. Then my sister introduced me to Half-Price a store near the Half Way Tree Transport Center.

Take a Look at two of the outfits I chose, both were under $2000 JMD ($19 US). The bag, shoes and accessories were bought at different times.

Pants - $1100 Shirt $710
Pants – $1100
Shirt $710
Top #650 Shorts $1000
Top $650
Shorts $1000 Accessories – Personal

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