5 Tips on How to Manage Colour Treated Natural Hair

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After I got pregnant  with baby number two I figure it would be challenging to care for my color treated hair. I was right of course so I stopped coloring for about a year now and focused on growing and moisturizing my hair.

Never the less I know some of you EthniCurlies are very much color junkies and I figure I would give you the tips and tricks,  the Do’s and the Don’t in coloring your natural Hair.

So first of I do not recommend bleaching or using peroxide on your natural hair, note I said “recommend” I’m not saying that you cant use peroxide or bleach, its just wreaks havoc on it and its a  little hard to keep moisturize as we already have such dry hair, especially for us 4C Hair chicks.


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I thinks its better to use Semi permanent or Herbal dyes which last for about 6 shampoos.


Herbal dyes are easier on the hair shaft and they wont completely ruin your clothes if it catches it. It is over all healthier for your hair.

2015-03-05 17.08.19-1Tips

  1. After coloring your hair Its better to use a sulphate free shampoo or a color treated shampoo that will avoid stripping your hair after you apply your color.
  2. Using sunscreen is a must for your color treated natural hair and There are many products out there for  you to use. If using over the counter products is an issue for you, going Au-natural is your next best thing. By using  4-6 drops of sesame oil concentrating on your ends.
  3. Moisturize your hair often is extremely essential. After your new hair color you should moisturize at least 2-3 times a day concentrating on the ends. Any form of dryness will cause breakage.
  4. Keep your ends protected, that’s a given with or without your hair being colour treated, if your hair become very dry, the concentrate on remoisturizing and protecting your strands for a couple of days to a week then you can go back to your Out styles.
  5.  Don’t forget to base your hair with some sort of grease and always wear gloves. I do Highly recommend that you do some sort of strand test before applying a new brand of color that you have never used before.

Well Enjoy EthniCurlies and color safely

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