Dear Suhri….

Dear One Year Old Suhri’Sana’a
I can hardly imagine that it has been one year, a whole year, 12 months, 366 days (leap year) 52 weeks.
Honey I can remember on January 4, 2011. The Morning I woke up at about 5 with some cramps, which I ignored and went back to bed. I woke again at seven and the feeling pretty much hadn’t changed. I had a doctors appointment at 11am so I took the morning to spend some time with your daddy before he had work at 11:30.

We got to the doctor about 10:45am and by then I was in visible pain, it wasn’t unbearable excruciating pain, but the tightness around my abdomen was uncomfortable at best. I saw my doctor, Dr. Nosa; (awesome) and he decided to perform a sweep of my cervix. Let me interject here and say a cervical sweep, smh never go alone, ask all the questions you can, and research research research, but we will get into that when you are much much much older.

During my pregnancy with you swee heart I did two and they were equally uncomfortable and painful.

After the sweep I was in much more pain and I could accurately say that I was having contractions….yaye! We were so excited to finally meet you. Daddy by this time is being his strong silent self, you will get use to him being quiet, besides he is your dad and you have a lot of him in you from what I can see now. He wanted to stay with me but I thought I was fine! I stayed by a friend’s house, she lived right next to the hospital, as we at the time, lived up in the hills and I just wanted to be close to the hospital and have other people around me, since I pretty much ran Daddy to work.
I was in labour for all that time, contractions were very sporadic and not at all consistent, I waited it out, had something eat, showered, watched TV, went online, FACEBOOK of course lol. *By the time you get to computer age who know what they will have.*
I tried to sleep, didn’t get much rest at all as daddy was calling at least every 20 minutes, maximum,  Aunty Mo-Mo was waiting to hear the good new, Grandma Nana and Aunty Jhan started to call and cry and shout and Lord, it became a bit much, I know they meant well but I was in noooo mood for understanding, I needed drugs or club to the head which ever was faster.

I decided to go back to the hospital. I know now that was a waste of time…smh. They examined me, TOLD me I was in labour but I should go home. HOME!!!! ARE! YOU! SERIOUS! is all I could mutter out, yup Home the nurse said.
I was home, in the bathtub, with HOT not warm water and daddy was oiling my belly through the contractions, which were coming much faster by then. I went through my breathing exercises, which worked in a sense. I did my squats in the bath and hip rotations, which I found made contractions come on harder, that’s the point I guess,  but tell that to a first time mom why don’t yah.
Daddy and I bundled up to go back to the hospital a second time, I laid down in the back seat of the car and daddy drove no faster than 5 miles an hour to avoid bumps or any sudden movements. *throws up another silent prayer for that* I was examined after I went to the hospital and still had not dilated more than 3 and half centimeters. We need 10 centimeters sweetie so we had a ways to go. You were in no rush, much like your father.
After another 14 hours of pain, and I mean REAL pain, the doctors decided to put me on Pitocin, and after about Ten minutes I started to feel the tell tale signs that you were ready to see Mana and Dah-yee *mommy and daddy the way you say it now* The funny thing is when I told the nurse I was ready she she thought I was nuts, so she said I should start pushing, when I started and she took a looksee, SHEE looked as if SHE was about to pass out, and then she started screaming at me to STOP….B.V.I Nurses…… a bit weird.
After 8 minutes of pushing, out you came with a head of hair and pasty white skin, screaming of course.
SO after 35 hours of Labour you were born on January 5, 2012 at 2:18 pm, weighing in at 6lbs 15 oz. We were happy to know you were healthy and screaming.

Suhri you have come into our lives and changed it completely. We have made you the centre of our lives and have become better people because of it. We both heard from other parents what it would be like to have our own bundle of joy walking, screaming, smashing things in your path kind of joy, but we wouldn’t be able to speak a word about such things without you. We love you lots Lil Mama and wish you a Happy First Birthday. We will be here for them all.
Infinite XOXO’s
Mom & Dad

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