Dear My little Princess – 22 weeks

My 30th Birthday

Hey my baby
It’s been 22 weeks and counting since you have been growing in mommy’s tummy, and I am beginning to feel your strong Kicks! We found out 2 weeks ago that you will be a girl, I am over the moon to know this and so is daddy.
Your sister doesn’t quite understand what’s going on yet but she kisses my tummy often lol which I quite enjoy. 
I feel better these days more energy and I can eat pretty much anything I desire now, I have quite a fondness for Mangoes, any and every type.

Hubby’s little photo shoot

Next week mommy will start shopping for you that makes me so delighted, and it would seem you too as I just felt a couple of responding kicks lol.

Moon Glow kissing ma big belly

Now, what so we name you, your daddy wants first preference so if you don’t like your name it’s his fault. We know we want an S like your sister Suhri’Sana’a and we want something just as unique….. Hmmm what to choose.

See you soon my love 
Mommy, Daddy and Moon
Belly Pic 22 weeks and counting
I had some cookies and it ended up on my belly and Lap

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  1. Thank you Anonymous!!! The style in the pic is pretty simple I section my hair in two with the smaller section to the front, use a hair tie to catch the back in a high puff, then i fold the front back and pin it to hold

  2. Congratulations on your new addition!! Have been “blog stalking” you for a while LOL! Loving your hair in the first pic (fellow naturalista here), curious as to how you achieved that style.

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