Dear Fetus….Week 15

 I have to compare this pregnancy to the last, as for the last it was if I was just putting on weight and my weight kick me every now and again, This pregnancy is oh so different. But what still remain the same is the STUPID things that people say to me. I must first talk about the crazy cravings that had me stealing green Mangoes yesterday. Long story short,
went to buy diapers for Moon and saw the mango trees, first we were scouting and hubby didn’t want to take any but me and ma big belly self thought I was above the law. I got 4 half ripe mangoes which I plan to use to make “pepper pot” (mango, salt and lots of pepper).

Which leads me to what happen this week. If you follow me on twitter or facebook you will see a post I had written some days ago, and I quote

“Me have one piece of advice to people who don’t know nutn bout nutn….. eating pepper or spices when one is pregnant does not make the child a) blind or b) burn of his/her eyelashes and eyebrows or whatever other STUUPID crap u have to tell me, the baby is in the womb surrounded by protective membranes and takes #NUTRIENTS from me, the mommy, the baby in ma womb don’t get bits and pieces of the saltfish run-down and white flour dumpling that me eat…So please refrain from #harassing me with #stupidness!!”

So there is a few Jamaican Patois so it may be a little difficult to understand, but basically I got tired of people tell me what not to eat, wear, say, put on in or around me for crazy things that might happen to the baby. Like Maternity pants will make your baby small, or washing your hair to often will give your baby a could, or having sex will poke the baby eyes.

From one pregnant woman ho has heard what I think is all, as long as you don’t see the person swallowing down a vat of alcohol/chemical/something dangerous. It is not your place to mother the new mother, or veteran mother, which ever, Now a days there are a wealth of knowledge that are available to women who chose to have children allow them to do their own research and do what is best for themselves. I am mostly talking about me here though….BUTT OUT and stop being so rude and crude when we/I don’t agree with yah stupidity!!

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