Memoirs To My Fetus | 12 Week Update

Its been over 13 weeks and I still am not feeling better. This aspect of pregnancy is new to me and mommy is having a hard go at it and Daddy is also getting a little of my wrath.

We still don’t know whether your a bout or a girl as yet, we are really hoping for a boy as you already have a big sister; but if you turn out to be a girl I will be just as happy, Daddy will be out numbered….tehehehe.

One of the first things I want to do when you are born is just hold you close and smell you, yeah it might sound weird but that’s true. I love the smell of my babies.

And you know as happy as I am there are many mean people who have sad things to say to a pregnant woman, I ignore them and I am mean right back. Okay so here is your first lesson, do what mommy SAY not what mommy DO.

Love you lots


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