5 Tips To Pull Off Nude Lipsticks 

Yaaas girl it’s all about the deets on NEWDS for us dark sisters!!! So The hunt has been on for the best nude shades that can fit. I know I know, you’re saying that black girls can’t and should wear nudes *side eye* like WHUT! Naw you didn’t say that ama let that slide!

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Marc Jacobs Luxe Eyeconic Review – #Provocouture

Marc Jacobs Eyeconic

My first set of PR products!!!!!!! EHEM…..*Taps Mic* I want to thank God, my mom and supporters without you my hard work wouldn’t be paying off! #TeamUs. Enough of my craziness, let’s get into it this Marc Jacobs Eyeconic Review. I received this complimentary new Eyeconic pallet in #Provocouture from Marc Jacobs Beauty and Influenster to test out and review and of course you know I have to shell out the deets. Now, I’m not an eye pallet kinda girl, especially for my dark skin, pallets come with colours I will NEVER use, therefore I tend to build my collection one shadow at a time.

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How to Buy Foundation Online

Have you ever tried to purchase Foundation online, from a brand you have never used? You know the whole, “youtube influencer made me buy it” I have a few things in my beauty arsenal just like. Here is the skinny on how to get your perfect shade!

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