Natural Sistas Dominated Carnival 2015

I must say for most of my life I was never a Carnival or Soca fan, even with living in the Eastern Caribbean some 6 years it never appealed to me one bit. Living in Bahamas and the BVI where soca music is dominant and my husband asking repeatedly to try to share his appreciation for the socially accepted slack music, I never faltered, I just did not like it.

I figured that since I was born hearing the one drop notes from Jamaicas Oldies reggae on my fathers beat up radio in his furniture shop, that was all the music I needed, and even in college when the over privileged children played their Punk Rock, Alternative and R&B, I was still very much steadfast to the recognisable rhythms of reggae music. I became more specific the older I got, collecting cases and cases of Jamaicas Oldies Reggae music.

Needless to say, I have come to appreciate the melodramatic undertones of the steel band enfused Soca Music and actually have songs I love and would “buss a wine” to. This year after emmense proding I went out to enjoy Jamaicas Carnival for the first time ever as an adult, and I must say I was in shock and awe to see every single person at these parties dancing until their Youtube hosted professionally done contour and higlight make-up was all gone, their well kept 130 US dollar Brazilian/Peruvian/Malaysian hair was wet and sweaty and ther $120 Bridget Sandals were off their feet and tucked under a random Speaker Box. These sights floored me with appreciation for the fact that Soca music just fostered letting go and just having crazy fun.

The one aspect of Carnival 2016 I am looking forward to is that I have Soca Hair for sure, tried and tested. No matter how much I sweat, drink, dance, and stand under the sprinklers to cool off, my hair was always on point, it may have become a little fuzzy but nothing works better for our Natural tresses than a little water, right?  On my Carnival 2015 voyage I met a few other Natural Hair Sistas that dominated this years Carnival.

With that said I am counting down everyday to to the next Carnival/Bacchanal Jamaican sign. I am newly converted and thanks to Machel Montana I Just Do It Like Ah Boss

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