Number of ways to Bond With Your Toddler

Its been 13 months since Moon Glow was born and I must say my life has changed. My life has changed from one on one dates with hubby, weekly girls nights out, shopping for those way to expensive ‘stuff’, Long drives to nowhere.
I have a clock work schedule now…get up at dawn try to look presentable, get Moon ready for Daycare, pack lunch, drop her off, go to work, pick her up, get her dinner and myself and Hubby, get her to bed ON TIME *rolls eyes* and start it all over again.

It may seem routine but trust me I wish it was, there is always some other challenge between all that, especially on Thursday nights, you know #ScandalABC nights. In between all of that I have to find some time for hubby.

I still have not found a full-time sitter so I can streamline my social life like I would like, but some how I don’t feel like I am missing much, I do struggle at times for me time. You know that time where you just do what ever you want to do. I want to get to the place where I don’t feel guilty when I leave her with daddy and just do me. I mean Daddy does it ALL the time and he seems fine.

Moon has come into her own personality and it is shocking to see how much she is like me, and I now realize how difficult I am to deal with, sorry Mom, sorry Hubby LOL. Well my husband was always difficult to deal with so his personality in her isn’t so shocking. Even how she relates to each of us is so different she already has “Dayee” all wrapped up around her finger, and he would swear she doesn’t.

All in all being a mother now has grounded me somewhat, my traveling all over has come to a slow, not a halt, as I want Moon to be exposed to all the different cultures, especially Caribbean wide like we have been. We will definitely take her to Jamaica this year and I am hoping to spend quite some time so she can have some memories of my wonderful country, hopefully we can make a few stops before we get there.

Motherhood is different for every woman and I am still coming into my own with that, I had what I thought was a rocky start but now I feel more leveled out. I look forward to the next years to come to see what else it has to offer me.

Ceta W.

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