5 Tips To Pull Off Nude Lipsticks 

Yaaas girl it’s all about the deets on NEWDS for us dark sisters!!!

So The hunt has been on for the best nude shades that can fit. I know I know, you’re saying that black girls can’t and should wear nudes *side eye* like WHUT! Naw you didn’t say that ama let that slide!

We can wear just about any shade with the right manipulation. There are so many different brands now and the range of nudes has expanded. It’s safe to say that “Nudes and the new Red”.

When these shade just hit the beauty industry we all ran to the hills screaming comments like:

“Oh my hungry lips”

“Hello there chapped”

“Chalky lips”

“Walking  dead”

None of us had anything good to say…. until…. we figured out how to wear the elusive nude lipstick. Here a few tips on how to wear nude lippies for us chocolate goddesses.

  1. Exfoliate- No lipstick will look good on your lips if they are dry a chappy. A Simple mixture of sugar and coconut oil is a great DIY to exfoliate your lips or use your toothbrush after brushing your teeth.
  2. Skin Tone – Medium skin tones, you know like the “Jamaican Browning” is suited with a light to deep pinky nude. Mocha  or Deep skin tone which is more like mine, will do well with a Carmel, pink or mauve type of nude. For those Deep Dark luscious queens, a lippie a shade lighter than their own skin tone, applied with a gloss will be the puuurfect Nude for you!
  3. Lip Liners – Buy 100 lip liners! They can sub as lipsticks with a lipgloss and they can make a pasty nude into the best ombre you will ever find. I suggest deep purples, dark browns and deep reds.
  4. Lip Gloss – As mentioned before a gloss which reflect light and brings separation between the lip colour and your own skin tone.
  5. Take a chance. Sometimes we limit ourselves to the standards of the beauty industry as dark skin women and as such we are afraid to take risks and break the glass ceiling. I am here to tell you that the winds are shifting and now we are making the standard for beauty. The makeup and beauty industry is listening to us and they are making products that suit. I suggest you say screw it and wear whatever NEWD lipstick you want.

So enough of my ranting, I have Insta Stories for that. I have suggest a few lippies that maybe able to suite you lipstick guru needs. Also check out the website for Mented Cosmetics, they make nude lipsticks just for our chocolate skins.

So you have been armed. Go experiment and remember do little things every day to make yourself happy. If you understand who you are no one will be able to lure you away from your standards.

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